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Artist Profile: Sawa (get-her)

Sawa of Get-Her.la is a friend and fellow artist based out of Downtown LA. She’s multi talented and can often be found behind both still cameras and the kind used on movie sets.

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Moving Forward…

For years I’d been struggling with really trying to meld my love of cinematography and my skills as a photographer, and it was my short-lived and much loved mentor of last year that showed me how.

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It’s always personal

I’m going to ramble for a bit. You see, I’ve avoided updating recently because I was afraid things would just get too personal. It’s not like I don’t have ultimate control over what I post here, but in a way I feel like I’m still finding where I’ll be taking this site.

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Polatrait: Radeo

Without pretensions it’s just simply a photograph of a beautiful woman. The reason Iadore the Polaroid is the way it translates light to 2 dimensions.

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