Moving Forward…


“Moving Forward” is one of those phrases used in the corporate world to either a) soften the blow of big changes or b)dodge an issue (well, seemingly, from my experience and all those nice disclaimers). So why I’m using this as a title is maybe a little baffling. However, this photo that I shot in July in Hollywood has a note of when I finally found myself in photography. It happened a good year before I took this shot, but looking at this as I edited it I realise it’s a culmination of a few small changes I made to the way I photographed (and therefore observed). Yet again I’m talking about pushing ourselves to always be better than we were before.

I truly hope that every creative person finds a real mentor for at least a small part of their career. For me, it happened last year with a person who claimed I was their mentor. Can it go both ways? It seems that it’s entirely possible. But, to keep this happy little post short, this person taught me to add depth to my work. For years I’d been struggling with really trying to meld my love of cinematography and my skills as a photographer, and it was my short but much loved mentor of last year that showed me how.

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