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12 hours, 12 themes, 12 exposures

. The day was to go like this: Arrive at Blenz in Yaletown between 7-8am on Sunday 12th September; bring a 35mm film camera of any kind, some supplies and any other equipment that might be needed for the day. Every hour on the hour there’s a new theme drawn, it’s up to the individual to interpret the theme and go out and take just one shot for that theme. Every theme has to be shot in order on the 12 exposure roll of film provided for the entry to qualify. Every roll of film has to be handed in at 8pm completed. Other than that there were very few other rules or guidelines.

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Moving Forward…

For years I’d been struggling with really trying to meld my love of cinematography and my skills as a photographer, and it was my short-lived and much loved mentor of last year that showed me how.

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On the Periphery

I like to pretend the world is my personal cinema and the only way to do that is to walk the sidelines.

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Desert for a Weekend

Last weekend I took a jaunt to Las Vegas in order to shoot Amina Munster of Kill Yourself or Die Trying (incredible custom belts and other leather wear. Of course I have a great spilling light belt). It was a very short trip of just two days in which we managed to squeeze five full shoots and a night or two of drinks and fantastic entertainment (namely Steel Panther’s Metal Skool and being introduced to the wonders of HBO’s Tru Blood)

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