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The Great Train Adventure Part 2

This part of my journey took me along the coast staring at the sea and the flocks of birds that populated the area. It began with a heavier rain that we even had in LA, but there were constant signs of the sun breaking through, as you’ll see in the photos. There’s something about the coast that makes me feel peaceful.

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The Great Train Adventure Part 1

On the Amtrak coffee cup are the words “Change how you see the world.” Often these things are just a clever marketing ploy designed to ensnare the imaginations of a certain subset of people. What’s rarer is when the marketing phrases ring true.

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Artist Profile: Sawa (get-her)

Sawa of Get-Her.la is a friend and fellow artist based out of Downtown LA. She’s multi talented and can often be found behind both still cameras and the kind used on movie sets.

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