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New show submission

Today I’m updating very briefly to show you two pieces that I created for the Dirty Show in Detroit after my friend Kristen let me know about it. I just submitted them now, so we’ll see if they get picked up or not. It was really fun to paint for a show that’s all about erotica. It was outside of what I’d normally illustrate so it was a really great challenge – especially for dealing with the male form which I haven’t really tackled yet.

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I’d Have Drowned

I little poignancy for the end of 2009? The year in which I discovered more about myself than ever before.

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Second choice was best

I have to say it suits the piece so much more. I’ll just chalk this one up to the universe knowing way more than I do about these things.

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

When Samantha over at Haute Macabre asked me to be a part of their art show at the Museum of Death (LA) I was excited to have a reason to embark on something big.

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