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Illustrated photos: step by step

As you can see one benefit of digital is that I start out with a rough guide for the shape and flow of the tentacle. I next draw in the suckers and the changes of angle and then the rest. I shade in grey because I think it gives me a better grasp of the lights and darks, and then add colour afterwards. Many of these stages are done on different layers with different blending.

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Olympic Flame and Canadian Pride

After I watched the opening ceremony I realised something – unlike any other opening I’ve seen this one seemed so much less about showing off to the world and more about speaking to the people of Canada and bringing us even closer together as a nation.

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Dragon Lady

In an age where everything is literally on the plate for all to see, it’s nice to occasionally hang back in the shadows and remember a time when the eroticism was all in the suggestiveness of the subject.

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Tea at Samovar

There are many tea houses in Vancouver, but I’m yet to discover one that’s as grand as Samovar in San Francisco.

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