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Olympic Flame and Canadian Pride

After I watched the opening ceremony I realised something – unlike any other opening I’ve seen this one seemed so much less about showing off to the world and more about speaking to the people of Canada and bringing us even closer together as a nation.

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A wee look at San Francisco’s streets

Before I get into this post I just want to point out that Penny Arcade’s charity, Child’s Play, is so close to last year’s raised total that it’s obscene if it doesn’t beat it! I donated today and if you can donate even a little please take a look at the wishlist’s available or click [...]

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Artist Profile: Sawa (get-her)

Sawa of Get-Her.la is a friend and fellow artist based out of Downtown LA. She’s multi talented and can often be found behind both still cameras and the kind used on movie sets.

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On the Periphery

I like to pretend the world is my personal cinema and the only way to do that is to walk the sidelines.

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