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New show submission

Today I’m updating very briefly to show you two pieces that I created for the Dirty Show in Detroit after my friend Kristen let me know about it. I just submitted them now, so we’ll see if they get picked up or not. It was really fun to paint for a show that’s all about erotica. It was outside of what I’d normally illustrate so it was a really great challenge – especially for dealing with the male form which I haven’t really tackled yet.

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Illustrated photos: step by step

As you can see one benefit of digital is that I start out with a rough guide for the shape and flow of the tentacle. I next draw in the suckers and the changes of angle and then the rest. I shade in grey because I think it gives me a better grasp of the lights and darks, and then add colour afterwards. Many of these stages are done on different layers with different blending.

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I Couldn’t Hold on To Them

It’s not perfect, but it’s something that helped me work through an overwhelming feeling of fragility this week. Life goes on, eh?

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Last night, though, I promised a scan on Twitter, so here we are. Funny how we regret things in the morning, eh?

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