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Sketchbook Snapshot 22.04.10

Another three week long trip and two conventions took me away from my desk for a while! I was a bit disappointed in my lack of time/motivation to sketch while on the road. I’m going to put it all down to it being a stressful trip of sorts, but I plan to do my best to prevent that from happening in the future.

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Almost Ready

Today’s Quotidian Robotics update was a struggle, but I like the in-between progress photos that I force myself to take.

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Thursday’s life sketch

For the past while I’d been doing at least one life sketch a day; mostly random objects around my house, people from photos I’d taken/retouched. I’d gotten so busy that it fell by the wayside and I realised this week how much of a mistake that was!

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Mechanical and Natural

The concept for both are a little futuristic [would you expect anything less?], but also rather than robots they are more mechanical in their form.

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