Thursday’s life sketch


I owe you quite a few updates and my hard drives are bursting with photos from the epic train journey, the olympics and Chinese New Year. I promise to make time for those soon.

When I was sketching this week’s Quotidian Robotics update it was a surprise at how out of practise I was already. For the past while I’d been doing at least one life sketch a day; mostly random objects around my house, people from photos I’d taken/retouched. I’d gotten so busy that it fell by the wayside and I realised this week how much of a mistake that was! It’s amazing how much of a difference sketching every day can make. I have to remind myself to make time for it. So, here’s a quick snap of today’s life sketch.

It’s actually my favourite so far, although not entirely perfect it shows me how much I’m learning about drawing facial features. I’m still somewhat caught in this middle ground between realism and my favourite comic styles, so I really need to find where my skills comfortably sit.

Here’s the line work of the piece I was talking about. Head over to to see it digitalised and coloured.


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