Wee sketch on a trading card


This is just a wee sketch I did quickly in a free half hour last night. I’d heard about artist trading cards and the idea really struck me as an interesting format to work with. Sometimes a little challenge like a tiny format or unusual ratio can make all the difference in creating something new. I also drew a few more that were a lot better than this one earlier in the week. I was just going to post this to twitter but then I really liked how the afternoon light fell across my tablet. I’ll post the others next week after they’ve arrived at their perspective homes safely and the surprise will no longer be ruined.

Oh and here’s a couple of my weapons since I was so fascinated with today’s low-in-the-sky winter sun. This time of year is my favourite. I was telling a dear friend this morning that in Vancouver all you have to do is make it through the rainiest month of November and December and January are the most beautiful months of the entire year. The west coast of Canada really lends itself to winter with it’s array of different trees from hundreds of evergreens to the arbutus trees. Add to that the mountains buried in snow directly behind the beautiful downtown skyline it’s a wonder to behold. You’d really have to visit Vancouver to see it for yourself. I’m still yet to take a photo that really depicts it in all its glory.

I’m off track here, where was I again?


mmm... coffee Here’s another wee card that you can get a peek at for now. More next week! I board my flight for California tomorrow. New adventures, here I come! Including, my first Amtrak experience from LA->San Fransisco. I’m so very looking forward to being on a train for the first time in over two years. I miss train journeys more than anything else from my homeland. This will be a long one at 12 hours; plenty of time for drawing and reading and some strangely needed downtime.

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