Polatrait: Radeo


This is Radeo, she’s beautiful and incredibly easy to photograph. Again, my job here was nothing more to get that across, with one shot. One moment. This is quite possibly the very reason Polaroid is still so loved all over the world despite it slowly disappearing. There are no redos with a Polaroid. It’s just there… until you destroy it (or lose it), and so its fate is entirely up to you.

Without pretensions it’s just simply a photograph of a beautiful woman. The reason I adore the Polaroid is the way it translates light to 2 dimensions. Unfortunately I have to break the news that my SLR680 is currently dead and those cameras don’t just drop from the sky. I’m going to do do my best to fix it, but this might be its final malfunction. In which case I will have to find a new use for the packs of film degrading in my fridge.

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    love your pics!

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