Second choice was best


Hopefully you’re not too tired of seeing this piece yet, because I have a few photos for you as promised! When I went to pick out the moulding for this frame my first pick turned out to be out of stock at the supplier, so I had to go back that evening and pick out a few more options. Well, this was my (second) first choice and I have to say that I love it a lot more than what I first went with and it was a moulding I’d missed the first time. I have to say it suits the piece so much more. I’ll just chalk this one up to the universe knowing way more than I do about these things.


I’ve learned a lot producing this piece, and hopefully it’s going to take me into the future with a few more skills under my hat. I think I might even want to learn framing myself since I think that could be so rewarding. One of my favourite art supply shops in town actually has framing “stations” where they order the pieces for you and are on hand should you get stuck but you do it all yourself. Since this piece was kind of a time crunch situation and I knew it had to be shipped all the way down the left coast I wanted to make sure that the framing was sturdy and professional, so the only option was really to go with a good framers. I couldn’t be more pleased with how it all turned out in the end. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed for the next week hoping that UPS don’t drop the ball on this one and it makes it in one piece on time!

If you’re in LA/Hollywood on the 5th December please do join us at the Chaos Gallery between 8pm-11pm and take a look at all of the other amazing pieces on display. There’s going to be some fantastic art to be seen (and collected, since I think most of the artists are selling their pieces).

Address: 6031 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028

(24×24″ [25x25" framed])

I think my favourite part (and the most difficult) is definitely the raven skeleton; it’s inspired me to do more anatomy/skeleton pieces.

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    It looks amazing Cherry. I wish I could see this piece in person, I’m sure it looks even better. Your skills drawing are awesome. Keep the good work, I’m sure this will take you to another level as the artist that you already are. ;)

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